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What's new?

Find KONCEPSYON's first designs on Etsy! 

KONCEPSYON has started by creating menswear clothing collection before getting into the field of design. The collection's style is different from nowadays designs by KONCEPSYON. However, it matters to show the brand's first step. Step which has permitted to create KONCEPSYON's style identity. 
Visit the KONCEPSYON shop and discover the collection. The shop also displays artworks from our KONCEPSYON Artist Baya. The selection gathers Baya's most iconic art pieces she made at her debut as painter.



MIND BACKSTAGE is one of KONCEPSYON gallery's most impressive art pieces.

The painting is divided in two parts. On the sides, the black prevails. Whereas on the middle the red mixes with a vibrant green. Comparing to the gallery's other painting, MIND BACKSTAGE is totally misorganized: the linear crosswise lines do not bring light to the painting and the Artist's signature is not placed at the lines' basement.

The lines of the painting does not prevent the art to be, in the inside, misorganized. The painting flows all over the canvas without a proper direction creating geometrical shapes. All the faces, drawn with charcoal, are stuck together, not able to escape from each other. "Love Faith Hope" repeated on the top right brings a subtle order. It is the one of the only understable part of the canvas.
What leads us to say that the title, MIND BACKSTAGE, has been perfectly chosen to underline the human's mind complexity.

About the KONCEPSYON e-gallery

Originally, the KONCEPSYON e-gallery was created to overcome the issues encountered by debuting Artists hoping to exhibit their art pieces. Now, following the same will, the gallery exhibits the latest art production from our KONCEPSYON Artist. But not only! We are willing to exhibit artworks from other artists whether amateur or professional, unknown or established, expert or self-taught.