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Become a KONCEPSYON Artist gives me the opportunity to freely create and to be surrounded by devoted and passionate people who fully assist and support me in all of my creations. KONCEPSYON is a platform which aims to develop artists and their creativity. Nothing else.” said Baya, become a KONCEPSYON Artist on 2018.

Her impressions sum up our goal when you become a KONCEPSYON Artist. Surrounded by a supportive team and placed in a safe environment, our Artists can fully express their true self. And this is what we want!

If you want to become a KONCEPSYON Artist, send your application to the KONCESPYON Artist Department. [insert link].

Note: In order to maintain, for each of our KONCEPSYON Artist the best services and the fulfillment of their artistic projects, as well as to respect KONCESPYON’s ethos, all applications to become a KONCEPSYON Artist are carefully reviewed by the KONCEPSYON team. If you are still wondering about living out of your art, we are willing to help and advise you to participate to artistic projects through the KONCEPSYON community. Being refused to become a KONCEPSYON Artist does not invalidate your creations, creative thinking, or style.

For more information about the conditions to Become a KONCEPYON Artist, kontact KONCESPYON Artist Department: