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We are proud to present the first KONCEPSYON Artist Baya!

Baya, who become a KONCEPSYON Artist in 2018, is a rising and very promising artist from Monaco. Self-thought Artist, Baya was introduced by her Mother to the creative world when she was 4 years old: "I was 4 years old, when my Mother and I first visited the MAMAC - the contemporary art museum of Nice, France. I remember, even at that young age, being amazed by all the artworks I saw there.” reminds KONCEPSYON Artist Baya.

Our KONCEPSYON Artist has a style out-of-the ordinary! Baya’s contemporary works of art impacts with its unique style and identity. When she became a KONCEPSYON Artist Baya started painting. Now, Baya has a collection over 50 art pieces, which some are exhibited on the KONCEPSYON online gallery. Baya, also collaborated with other Artists through creative projects. And… this is just the beginning for her!

Like KONCEPSYON Artist Baya? Then, get a free print of Baya’s most iconic artworks on KONCEPSYON’s website!

Interesting in having your art promoted, collaboration with other Artists, realizing creative projects? Apply now to become a KONCEPSYON Artist, like Baya!

For more information, kontact KONCEPSYON Artist Department: