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"I was 4 years old, when my Mother and I first visited the MAMAC - the contemporary art museum of Nice, France. I remember, even at that young age, being amazed by all the artworks I saw there.” Baya was introduced to the world of art by her Mother, an accomplished artist and architect in her own right. She states that, even today, her Mother remains her main source of inspiration.

"I have always admired my Mother and wanted to follow her footsteps in art and design. And to be able to do so, is more than a dream come true.” Baya’s contemporary works of art carry a unique style and identity. The linear crosswise design in her paintings offers the impression of a beam of light reflecting from her portraiture of a daydreaming face – a signature in her art.

Baya’s collection of work is inspired by both, poetry and geometry. Poetry allows Baya to express her emotions, feelings and state of mind at the moment of creating. The geometrical designs help to shape, and, bring order to her creations. "What I like about using words is that one word can sum up a whole state of mind. And to me, geometry is a powerful tool of representation. When I mix poetry and geometry, I put together the emotion with the logic, the irrational with the rational.” 

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