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Choose to be guided by professional designers and receive advices for your interior. At KONCEPSYON, our techniques focus on improving your property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming home in which you feel great in. The purpose of our consulting service is to make your home to your taste following your exact budget. Even with no additional spending in furniture, our designers’ imagination can transform your interior, just by using your actual pieces of furniture. 

KONCEPSYON interior design consulting includes the visit at your property, advices from professional designers and several ideas and proposals to reorganize your interior and maximize your space according to your needs and wishes.


This service is recommended for:

-      People on a budget who want to change their interior;

-      People who want to modify their interior without involving months of works;

-      People who seek for professional advices for their interior layout;




Interior design is a multifaceted task including: conceptual development, space planning, site inspections. At KONCEPSYON, the full interior design is a service from “Koncepsyon” to delivery. For you, our designers will plan, research, coordinate and manage the project for your new interior to match your dreams. According to your personal preferences and style, we will build up for you, unique layouts taking in consideration the ties of the site. With the advices of our team of designers, you will be able to choose between a wide range of colors, fabrics and materials to suit your new interior. Eventually, we can offer to manage the delivery and the set-up of your interior to receive your home turnkey.

Thanks to KONCEPSYON’s network in the Art industry, you can also benefit from unique Art pieces from worldwide Artists at the best price. 

Be safe to take the risk to change your interior with KONCEPSYON and let the future layout of your property between the hands of professional designers.


This service is recommended for:

-      People or corporations who/which want to completely change their interior;

-      People or corporations with unfurnished properties;

-      Unreleased real estate property projects;